INDU+ One Zone

The indu+ 400 One Zone with its central cooking zone offers you every comfort for cooking on induction inside or outside. Whether you place one large pan or several smaller ones on the cooking zone, the One Zone will fulfil its role perfectly. And more than that even: the cooking plate is equipped with numerous handy functions that will turn your cooking experience into real pleasure: a digital slider with direct access to no fewer than 15 heat levels, a timer and egg-timer, lock key, etc. And just like all indu+ cooking plates, it is child’s play to clean the One Zone.

Technical Info

  • Latest generation of induction technology
  • Slider Touch Control with direct access to 15 levels: - 0-9 - booster - super-booster - defrosting ≈42°C - keep warm ≈70°C - simmering water ≈94°C
  • Dynamic LED power display
  • Timer, egg timer
  • Locking touch
  • Stop & Go


The indu+ Teppanyaki cooking plates can be used for all kinds of dishes. You can even steam on an indu+ Teppanyaki by using a cloche. For example with fish. Place a delicious piece of fish on the teppan, pour over wine and cover with a cloche. Steam will form under the cloche, cooking the fish whilst it absorbs all the flavours of the wine. A real must!


  • Auto-Power (heating area and delivered power adapt themselves to the pot)
  • Auto-Stop (in case of inadvertent start, long absence, overflow, over-temperature)
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Protection against wrong electrical connection (400V overvoltage)
  • Electrical network 220-240 V ~, 50/60 Hz • Size (WxD) : 400 x 520 mm, R=5
  • Adapted for flush line installation (easy after-sales thanks to access from the back)
  • Diameter cooking zone: 270 mm
  • Power on level 9: 2600W
  • Power Booster: 3300W
  • Power Super-Booster: 3700W
  • Standby consumption < 0,8W
  • 100% recyclable packaging