You can literally grill anywhere, without requiring a source of electricity. You roll the trolley into the garden, to the terrace or beside the swimming pool, and as soon as the gas cylinder is connected you can start to enjoy cooking! The GazzGrill
offers two zones: a teppanyaki with a flat surface and a real grill. This gives you great flexibility in terms of recipes. Thanks to the four burners, you also have four temperature zones which can each be set separately.
The design of the GazzBoy is both simple and classy, and offers everything you would expect from an outdoor kitchen: an extended worktop, a built-in knife holder and a handy drawer for storing material. The matte black powder-coated aluminium frame combines beautifully with the solid teak.

Technical Info

  • solid, high-quality teak
  • matte black powder-coated aluminium
  • drawers with soft-close guides
  • design wheels with ball bearings (2 incl. brake function)
  • built-in knife holder
  • protective cover optional
  • delivered with:
  • GazzGrill cooking plate


To cook on induction plates you need pots and pans that have iron molecules in the bottom. This is easy to test by holding a magnet under the bottom of the pan. If the magnet is attracted, the pan is suitable for induction cooking and you can get started! Many manufacturers also place a symbol on the bottom: a spring on its side (which refers to the induction coils in the cooking plate).


Available formats

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  • GazzBoy

    50kg (excl. GazzGrill)


Compatible cooking plates