The ServeBoy owes its fresh look to the combination of white powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel and solid teak. The rounded details make our trolley very elegant. All elements are carefully coordinated so that this trolley can be combined with different cooking plates and accessories of your choice. By placing cutting boards or container sets on the side extensions, you can enlarge the work surface. The knife holder is supplied as standard, as is the protective cover and cutting board. In this way, you always have your knives and spatulas safely at your fingertips. Soft-close guides ensure that the drawers close easily and silently. And you can easily roll the trolley with the stainless steel wheels with ball bearings and brake function.

The trolley is available in 2 sizes: a duo (100 cm wide, 2 drawers) and an ultimo (140 cm, 3 drawers).

Technical Info

  • powdercoated aluminium
  • brushed stainless steel
  • solid teak wood
  • waterproof cover included
  • cutting board included
  • knife holder included
  • bottle holder included


An indu+ Teppanyaki cooking plate can be cleaned in two shakes. After frying, whilst the plate is still hot, pour ice cubes or fizzy water onto the cooking plate. That will detach any bits that have stuck. Pat dry with kitchen roll and then you can easily clean the plate with detergent and a scouring pad ready for next time. Please note: use the scouring pad in the direction that the stainless steel is brushed. So horizontally.

Available formats

Check out the possible setups

  • ServeBoy Duo

    ServeBoy Duo
    62 kg

    Ref.: 130.020.010

  • ServeBoy Duo Unico

    ServeBoy Duo Unico
    62 kg

    Ref.: 130.020.011

  • ServeBoy Ultimo

    ServeBoy Ultimo
    77 kg

    Ref.: 130.020.012

Compatible cooking plates