INDU+ GazzGrill

Technical Info

  • The outside of the cooking plate is completely made of top quality stainless steel 316: ideal for marine environment
  • 4 burners > 4 temperature zones
  • Two styles of cooking in one plate: grill zone on the left & teppanyaki on the right


An indu+ Teppanyaki cooking plate can be cleaned in two shakes. After frying, whilst the plate is still hot, pour ice cubes or fizzy water onto the cooking plate. That will detach any bits that have stuck. Pat dry with kitchen roll and then you can easily clean the plate with detergent and a scouring pad ready for next time. Please note: use the scouring pad in the direction that the stainless steel is brushed. So horizontally.


  • Total power: 14kWh / 4 x 3,5Kwh / 4 x 12000 BTU
  • Dimension Gasplate: 85 x 52 x 22cm
  • Teppanyaki zone: 33,5 x 43,5 cm
  • Grill zone: 33,5 x 43,5 cm