The stylish design with matte black frame and teak finishing looks powerful and elegant at the same time, while also offering an exceptional number of practical possibilities. You can equip this mobile outdoor kitchen with an induction cooking plate, a GazzGrill or even both! So, you can grill perfectly with gas, while at the same time preparing a sauce or pasta on the cooking plate beside it. This is unique! If you only opt for induction cooking plates, there are also plenty of combination options so you can design your system just the way you like. The trolley also offers a great deal of storage space, two integrated knife holders, three drawers and a cutting board. This allows you to prepare the most delicious menus like a pro! After cooking, store the trolley under the included protective cover.
In terms of appearance, this CookBoy is a natural companion for the Iceboy.

Technical Info

  • solid, high-quality teak
  • matte black powder-coated aluminium
  • 3 drawers with soft-close guides
  • design wheels with ball bearings (2 incl. brake function)
  • 2 integrated knife holders
  • protective cover included
  • cutting board included


To cook on induction plates you need pots and pans that have iron molecules in the bottom. This is easy to test by holding a magnet under the bottom of the pan. If the magnet is attracted, the pan is suitable for induction cooking and you can get started! Many manufacturers also place a symbol on the bottom: a spring on its side (which refers to the induction coils in the cooking plate).


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