• How do I get my Teppanyaki cooking plate clean again?

    The Teppanyaki induction cooking plates are equipped with a 'clean' function which allows the cooking plate to heat up until the right cleaning temperature. Afterwards you turn off the cooking plate, put a wet towel on it and let the plate cool down. All the remaining residue will come loose and afterwards you can simply wipe it away with a towel.
    As an alternative you can also use ice cubes or sparkling water.

    Use in no case cleaning products for stainless steel!
  • First fish on the Teppanyaki, than meat. How do I remove the smell and taste of the fish?

    Lemon! After grilling the fish, clean the teppanyaki and in the end, to remove the last odors, rub the hob in with lemon. That will neutralize all odors so you can grill your meat carefree afterwards.
  • How do I maintain the cooking plates with a vitroceramic glass plate like the One Zone, Multiflex, Wok, ...

    You can use a degreaser for glass (type Instanet, ...) as you don't cook directly on the glass.
  • Can I leave my cooking plates outside the whole year?

    When you don't use your cooking plate for 1 month or longer, you have to storage them on a dry place.
    The more you use the cooking plates the better, less risk of oxidation.

    The cooking plate has to be covered after use at all times!
  • How do I maintain the wood of my trolley?

    Wood is a natural, living product with its own specific characteristics in terms of appearance, colour, function, and structure. For this reason, it needs to be looked after properly.

    For preference, the wooden elements of the trolley should be cleaned with a moist cloth. If desired, the cutting board can also be cleaned with salt and a little lemon juice, also applied with a damp cloth or sponge. After cleaning, always treat the board with oil (paraffin oil or salad oil). If the board is not maintained correctly, splits may occur. These can be filled with (for example) hard furniture polish.

    You can best maintain your trolley with paraffin oil. This should be applied using a soft cloth, to which a little of the oil has been added in advance. Allow the oil to soak in for 20 minutes, before removing any excess with a dry cloth. Do this regularly. The stainless steel elements of the trolley do not require treatment with oil.
  • Stainless steel: how do I keep it clean?

    Does your trolley have a stainless steel work surface and/or legs?
    If so, you can best maintain these elements with a product specially designed for use on stainless steel, which can be obtained from most good hardware stores. But never use this product to clean your teppanyaki cooking plate!
  • Maintaining the composite of my ServeBoy trolley.

    The high quality composite used for indu+ trolleys can easily be cleaned and maintained with classic maintenance products, such as detergent. Do not use abrasive products that contain powerful acids or alkalis.
    If the surface does become slightly damaged, it can be lightly sanded down with a fine-grain sandpaper (maximum P500), used in combination with a mildly abrasive product that both polishes and repairs the surface.
    To clean the trolley thoroughly, it is possible to detach and remove the top composite surface (the work surface). This should be done with care and will usually require two people to carry out the task.