teppanyaki 58

Teppanyaki 58

teppanyaki 58 cooking plate


  • latest generation of induction technology
  • Stop & go function
  • Bridge function allows to couple both zones
  • slider touch control with direct access to each of 10 heating levels: 0-9 / cleaning level
  • dynamic temperature display for both cooking areas
  • 4x slider touch control with direct access to each heating level: 0-9 / cleaning level

Eco-design & security

  • Auto-Stop (in case of inadvertent start, long absence, overflow, over-temperature)
  • protection against wrong electrical connection (400V)
  • electrical network 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • adapted for flushline installation (easy after-sales thanks to access from the back)
  • 4x residual heat indicators
  • size (WxD): 580 x 520mm, R=5


  • 2 spatulas


  • Induplus cooking plate teppanyaki 58

    Teppanyaki 58

    Ref. 001.DP5.8TY
    Possible configurations


  • Induplus accessoire anti splashboard 58

    Anti-splashboard 58 teppanyaki induction

  • Set spatulas

    Set spatulas


LED display legend

Benoit 170619 1336

“The clue’s in the name with teppanyaki:
teppan means iron plate and yaki
means grilled or griddled.
So, it’s food cooked on a hot plate.”

Induplus sfeer teppanyaki

“When cooking,
go by your own taste.”